How to use the trolley case

publisher: tanya
Time: 2019-03-29
The service life of the better quality trolley case is generally several years, but if it is used properly, reducing the wear on the box can increase the service life of the trolley case. Today, I will tell you how to use the trolley case properly to understand.1.Minimize the use in high temperature and strong acid and alkali environment, and the high pressure environment will make the railing box deform2.Avoid sharp objects such as knives and excessive weight on the trolley case3.You can use clean water for cleaning, but please do not iron, this will burn the epidermis4.Avoid prolonged exposure to wet conditions, otherwise you will lose the original toughness5.Use a rag to clean metal parts to prevent fading6.Minimize walking on uneven roads and reduce wear on wheels7.Use a little force when pulling the railing box, so that it can be more smooth

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