10 best cabin bags

publisher: Abby Tang
Time: 2019-03-20

10 best cabin bags

Cabin bags are designed to fit in as much as possible while letting you breeze through check-in. We’ve reviewed both soft and hard cases: the former are easier to store and often have external pockets; the latter are tougher and will protect fragile belongings.

All of our best bags have wheels and pull handles, although beware: they’re also the features that are most likely to break on flimsy models. It’s worth investing in a decent bag – expect to pay at least £50 for a long lasting case.

The definition of “cabin bag size” varies according to the airline, but most comply to a maximum of 56cm x 45cm x 25cm. Check with your airline before you travel. Many cabin bags on sale are now approved by specific airlines, which helps if you often travel with a particular airline.

Consider weight, too: hard shells tend to be heavier than soft bags, but we found that bags weighing 2.5kg and under were light enough to be portable and easy to carry even when full. Happy travels.
1.Spectra 2.0 Global Carry-On

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