Lightweight and durable luggage

publisher: Abby Tang
Time: 2019-03-19
A suitcase that is resistant to collision, light, easy to push and looks good is essential. When you mention the hard-shell suitcase, you only think of Rimowa? Actually, you still have a lot of choices. The following seven recognized lightweight and durable luggage brands, including Rimowa, Samsonite, Lipault, Delsey, TUMI, American Tourister and LOJEL, are among the stylish and practical suitcases in the style, and I believe there is always a need for you! 1. Rimowa

1.Combined with the brand's signature streamlined metal design, the light and delicate shape must be the inevitable choice for the work.

2. Samsonite

The intellectual and mature shape, combined with durable and durable alloy materials, is stylish and durable.

3. Lipault

There is no lack of playfulness in fashion, and it is also very light and durable.


It is the choice of hand luggage for both work and travel.

5. Tumi

360-degree exquisite pulleys are convenient for long-term implementation

6.American Tourister

The reflective effect is good for you.rister

7. Lojel

The sturdy medium-elastic material, combined with bright colors and light design, has a uniquely appealing appearance.

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