General knowledge of maintenance of luggage

Time: 2019-03-13

(1) Pay attention to prevent high temperature and strong acid and alkali environment, and high pressure environment will also make your pull rod box deformation.

(2) Avoid sharp scratches such as knives. Hard pull-rod boxes can't compete with knives.

(3) Use cold water to clean, but please do not ironing, which will burn the epidermis.

(4) The pull-rod box made of natural leather material should be wiped and cleaned with wet cloth and not washed.

(5) The use of the tie-rod box should avoid being in wet environment for a long time, which will make the tie-rod box lose its original toughness.

(6) Washing metal parts with rags is often used to effectively prevent fading.

(7) Try not to let the tie-rod box walk on some rough roads, so that the loss of the wheel of your tie-rod box is considerable.Buy it now

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