Quality Test of Luggage Bags

From: www.leohardware.net
Time: 2016-07-27
Summary: Different kinds of Quality Test of luggage bags.

All Leo Hardware products undergo a series of rigorous quality tests to ensure that they are in line with the guidelines set by the company.

Reciprocation Test: Fill the luggage with maximum 30 kilograms of uniform load, reciprocating lift up and down 5000 times, make sure the luggage carry handle does not break down.

Mileage Test: Put the luggage on a treadmill with a fixed obstacles, two and a half hours to run 10km, ensure that the luggage wheels will not fall off.

Case Drop Test: Free fall from the hright of 1m, ensure the wheels and corners not damaged.

Surface pressure test: Apply a pressure of 80kg for different luggage surface, make sure there are no broken and damaged.

Stacking test: considering the luggage may be placed in the bottom on the train or plane. we put seven superimposed things on the luggage, each weight is 30kg (total 210kg), make sure the luggage does not crush.

Waterproof test: Douse the luggage with 360 degree nozzle for 10 minutes, to ensure the water on the inside will not exceed 100ml.

Zip lock test: for zipper, hinge and lock components, each luggage will test repeatedly for more than 200 times, the parts will not be damaged.

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